April 2002

We were saddened by the passing of our organist, Big Ray Odoms last year. Please click here for info.

John "Broadway" Tucker and I have been doing every 2nd and 4th Saturday at The Saloon in San Francisco. Recent additions have included Wendy DeWitt on keyboards.

Speaking of Wendy Dewitt, I had the pleasure of playing with Wendy, Sue Palmer, and Caroline Dahl - "The Queens of Boogie Woogie" on April 23 in Ben Lomond. These ladies created some serious keyboard mayhem.

Since I loaned a friend my Dumble amp for his tour, I have been using a Fender CyberTwin, and ProSonic amps along with a Fender Relic Nocaster and a Muddy Waters Telecaster.

On the player: Hometown Columbus B3 player Tony Monaco's " 3 CDs, St. Germain - "Tourist", Joey DeFrancesco's "Tribute to Don Patterson", "Steady Comin' At Ya" - Don Patterson, Otis Spann with Peter Green "Biggest Thing Since Collosus", and some Wayne Shorter live tapes.

Here are some Dave Workman archives in mp3.