Dave's Links"goo" face

Pat Martino

An incredible jazz guitarist and a major inspiration.

Carlos Santana

A very special inspiration.

Real Guitars

Ben, Chris, and Heath for everything vintage. And Gary Brawer for repairs.

John Broadway Tucker

Our CD with Bill Heid, myself, and John has gotten great reviews by the blues publications.

Go here for more info!

Dave Mathews

Keyboardist extraordinaire, my Hammond organ guru. From Tower of Power, to Boz Scaggs and Etta James, Dave's THE MAN !!

Pete Fallico's Doodlin' Lounge

Guys like Pete deserve the Nobel Prize or something similar! Pete is a tireless promoter of my favorite kind of jazz: Hammond organ jazz. Growing up in Columbus, around Hank Marr, Don Patterson, Bobby Pierce, Yogi Cowan, Tom Collins, and others, I couldn't help but love the B-3. Pete's site has bios of Hank, Don, and many other great organists.

Twist Turner

No relation to my pal Bili, but a fine drummer also. Twist is living in Chicago again, and is doing some great writing for the blues magazines. Check out his entertaining web page for some examples.

Esalen Institute

If for no other reason, because there is a picture of my picking arm and hand in their catalog!

Columbus Blues Alliance

Thanks to CBA for tirelessly promoting the Blues in Columbus.

Virtual Guitar Magazine

Thanks for the link, James! If you're looking for some webpages of great guitarists, their links page has 'em all. Great articles also. My favorite guitar publication - on line only.

Robert Lockwood, Jr.

I hope maybe I can follow in his footsteps and release my first solo album on a major label

when I'm in my eighties! A major force in the blues that deserves to be as well known by

the public as BB King , and a mentor to me during the seventies.

SF Blues.net

This is where to find out about the San Francisco blues scene. Period.

Hope you've enjoyed these links.