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Ron Hacker meets Yank Rachell

My girlfriend was on welfare, I was playing on the streets and in the coffee houses when I could get it. We lived in a two room flat that you might have to step over a junky or two to get into. We also had a six month old boy.

My cousin had a rock and roll club in Indianapolis and he asked me to come back to help him run it. The thought of a steady job and help in finding a place to live was very inviting, so I took it. I didn't know it at the time but it was a move that would change my life in a very profound way. It only took a few months to get into the swing of things. My cousin had me tend bar, so I got to know most of the bands that came through and the ones that were into the Blues would let me play a number or two with them. We had a killer R & B band one week and the last night they were there, I got to jam with them. What a time we had. After the show, a DJ from the soul station in town came up and asked me if I knew who Yank Rachel was. I said "sure" and he said "do you want to meet him," and I said "well of course I do." I really didn't have any idea who he was but the DJ talked to me about him and I realized that I had been hearing him on my Sleepy John Estes records. I was very excited. I was about to meet a man who played on the original "Going To Brownsville."