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Don't confuse him with the guy who has two t's in his last name...

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“Blues Review” says:

Best of the box: Dave Mathews is an amazing Hammond organ ace from Oakland, Calif., who surrounds himself with an equally awesome lineup on Down With It!, including guitarists Chris Cain and Ray Obiedo, bass clarinet guru Norbert Stachel and drummers Kevin Hayes (of the Robert Cray Band) and Mike Clark. Their crazy acid-jazz reading of Duke Ellington's “Caravan” is stunning. Mathews, who has toured with Tower of Power, Boz Scaggs and Sheila E., is a highly gifted player. His bass pedal work on “Falling in Love With Love” is unbelievable. Best cut: Mathews’ “T-Bone Steak” is organ trio heaven. Down With It! is a must-have disc.

Keyboard Magazine says:

Don't confuse him with the guy who has two t's in his last name. This Dave Mathews did a stint as the Hammond player for Tower of Power several years back (replacing Chester Thompson), so you know he's got funk and R&B chops. He shines on this collection of live jazz and blues recordings made in '96 and '97. Mathews supports the guitar, sax, and clarinet soloists, then takes his turn letting loose on the mightyB3 --all the while pumping steady bass with his left hand and foot. Can't wait to hear more from him. - Keyboard Magazine, May 1999

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